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What Inspires a Story?

Next month, I’m hoping to launch my first ebook, Cupid Calling, a romantic comedy short story.

The concept for this short story occurred to me two years ago during the launch party for another author’s book. Deborah Picurrelli was celebrating her book Love Comes Calling in a Facebook party. For a grand prize contest, she asked participants to create a book blurb (the summary on the back cover) of their own using her book’s title.

Into my imagination barreled Cupid, and I came up with this:

“Penelope had never believed in happily ever after. Cupid never seemed to hit her or her boyfriends with his magical arrows. All that changed the day a knock at her door revealed a short, chubby-cheeked man wearing a diaper and carrying a bow. Love himself had come calling, and now he wouldn’t leave her alone. How could Penelope live her life when a surly version of a Victorian cherub followed her every move?”

You can see on my Books page that the blurb hasn’t changed much since then. Over the next couple of years I wrote a scene here or there, but most of the writing has been completed since November 2016 through the present. I enjoyed taking the traditional concept of Cupid and infusing him with a snarky personality. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Has someone else’s creative idea ever inspired your own? Tell me about it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “What Inspires a Story?”

  1. I’ll testify it’s a cute story!

    I don’t have any origin stories quite like yours but one of my main WIP was inspired by a Breakpoint podcast by Chuck Colson where he mentioned “survival of the fittest” and I thought, “what if there was a society where the weakest ruled?”


      1. It sort of devolved into a tale about social equality and I’ve put a pause on it while I work on my Ember story and mull over if it’s too cliche. But here’s the blurb I had worked up:

        While on vacation to recover his health, Devon, prince of the ruling clan of the Frail, encounters Sara, a Frail raised among the Stout. Compelled to accompany him to the city, Sara begins learning what it is to be Frail. However, Devon finds himself in turmoil as the cheerful Sara’s philosophy of equality between the clans challenges an ingrained way of life. Several among the Frail witness the growing relationship between the two and question whether the changing leader is fit to rule the clans. A treacherous plot commences as Sara’s mysterious lineage comes to light. Torn between the world he was bred to rule and what he is beginning to believe is right, Devon must find it within himself to take decisive action. His position, friends, and very life hangs in the balance.

        !! I just realized I had named her Sara – haha, what are the odds?! I originally tried to give the Stout biblical names but change the spelling to distance them and came up with Sara & her mother Hana. (Still not sure if I like Stout as the name for them – maybe Hardy would be better? Hale rhymes too much with Frail…I’ll keep working on it…) I wrote the first few chapters years ago and have the bones of the plot worked out but…

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