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Eclipse 2017

I was not in the path of totality for the solar eclipse today, but it was still interesting to experience roughly 80% eclipse of the sun. I took a few images at the darkest point. We had quite a bit of cloud cover at the time. I think that made my photos more interesting.solareclipse2017

I enjoyed watching the total eclipse via NASA’s live feed, before I went out to take pictures of what we could see at home. We decided to use our pool while the eclipse was happening, since that’s usually how we spend summer afternoons. I didn’t get a picture of how the eclipse was reflected on the pool water when it got very still, but that was another unexpected view.

Did you get to see the eclipse? Were you interested or did you think all the fuss was overrated?



1 thought on “Eclipse 2017”

  1. We had last minute cloud cover that helped us see our 82% eclipse too. It was neat but I think I won’t get nearly as interested in the future unless we will have totality. The next one in 7 years looks like it’ll be passing over Waco so I told my brother-in-law last night that we’ve reserved a room at his place! 😉

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