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WIPjoy: Day One

If you’re unfamiliar with #WIPjoy, it’s a month-long event when authors post about their current works in progress.


Bethany Jennings, an author over at Bethany A. Jennings or Simmering Mind Readers began #WIPjoy as a way to help authors share their process with readers and stay motivated to keep working, well, for me anyway.

Today is January 1st and Day One of #WIPjoy!


This month I’m working on a sequel to Cupid Calling, titled Harold’s Heart. You might remember Harold from his appearance in Cupid Calling. I thought he’d finished his time, but readers asked for more, and I’m giving him his own story.


Harold is socially awkward. He works in an office where he’s not respected. He just wants someone who will see who he really is and love him in spite of his dorky edges. He’s also afraid he’s losing his mind after seeing a flying dwarf at his local library. If there’s hope for Harold’s heart, there’s hope for all of us.


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