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WIPjoy: Day Five

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I think today’s answer is one that a lot of us would give.


Harold’s greatest yearning is to be loved unconditionally. Not that he shouldn’t try to change and grow as a person, but he wants someone to love him for who he is, dorky, socially awkward edges and all. He wants someone who sees the good qualities that go along with the negative or difficult ones, and loves him for those.

I think that’s something we all want and deserve.


2 thoughts on “WIPjoy: Day Five”

  1. I don’t remember if you took part in that kdrama discussion at the Realm Makers Consortium the other week but Harold’s yearning reminds me of one of my favorite jdramas – Kimi wa Petto (aka You’re My Pet). There’s been a recent remake in Japan and a Korean movie but neither of them compete with the original 2003 jdrama. Both characters deeply yearn for someone to appreciate them just for themselves; not their jobs, their skill-set, their talents, their physical attributes, etc. They find that in each other through a not-as-ludicrous-as-it-seems arrangement of him being her pet “dog.”


    1. No, I missed that discussion. Years ago, I used to get a channel that showed K dramas late at night, and a friend of mine was into them and I watched some. I can’t remember what they were now. I probably didn’t know the titles. It was some kind of star-crossed lovers scenario.


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