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WIPjoy: Day Eight


When today’s topic came up, I admit I asked my critique partner, because I was afraid that what I thought were my strengths were not true. It feels kind of weird to identify these things for myself. I think of a strength as something  that I don’t need to work at very much, and I always feel my writing has room for improvement, so how could I call any area a strength? I like to think it’s being funny. Or feeling the emotions of my characters. But since I wasn’t sure, I asked Sammie, and she gave me permission to quote her. *grin*

“You’re good at light-hearted comedy. You’re good at quippy characters. You’re good at stories with morals, without sounding preachy or like you’re just pandering morals, if that makes sense? Like, you’re a master at shoveling kids morals without making them realize they’re learning morals. 😆. “

That’s going to be my new tagline. “Shoveling kids morals without making them realize they’re learning morals.” I think it has a great ring to it, don’t you?

Speaking of Sammie, hop on over to and give her some love, will you?



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