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WIPjoy: Days Nine through Twelve

So, I have a bit of catching up to do.

Day 9

I haven’t written a lot of this WIP yet. Here’s one that’s mildly funny for now.

He turned on his tv and chose the episode of Dragon Games when Sir Rupert confesses his love to Princess Andriel before leaving to track down Captain Gadfly.

Of course, Sir Rupert on the show didn’t have bushy, curly hair, a unibrow, or a tendency to get food stuck in his teeth.

Day 10

I’m not sure if I should call this a character “friendship” or not, but it’s fun seeing the banter between Cupid and Penelope. She has learned to dish out the sarcasm right back to him.

Day 11.jpg

No, not really. It’s not much of a tear-jerker. Maybe when I write the ending.

Day 12

Five things. Okay, here goes.

  1. It’s a sequel to my first published work, Cupid Calling.  I’m excited about continuing this quick read series!
  2. It’s funny!
  3. It’s relatable. (I’m getting conflicting into on whether this is a legitimate word, but you know what I mean.) I think lots of people can relate to Harold’s social anxiety, difficulty meeting someone who is right for him, tough times at work, and love of his favorite TV show.
  4. I like that I’m redeeming Harold. He was just a really clueless, comedic foil in the first story. It’s nice to explore what is underneath that and humanize him.
  5. It’s fun coming up with the TV show that Harold is a fan of – like a story within a story.

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