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WIPjoy: Days Sixteen-Seventeen and a Personal Update

Yeah, I know it’s not January anymore and February is almost over. I still wanted to finish out WIPjoy since I had written ideas down for most of the prompts. I’ll combine a few at a time until I finish, probably.

Day 16

There was a second prompt for Day 16 that I didn’t do, about a line that feels daring. I had no answer for that one so I’m skipping it. *grin*

Besides writing, when I feel like being creative, I also enjoy building with Lego. (I’ve learned that hardcore Lego fans will get upset if you pluralize it as Legos. But shh! I do that all the time.) My brother and I had Lego sets growing up, although we lost most or all of the directions, and when my nephew came along it was a good excuse for me to buy new sets. I would like to create my own Lego town for display. Sometimes I work on my own designs to add to it. I’m still working on making room in my house for a semi-permanent Lego town.

Coloring is another outlet for creativity. I don’t color as often as I used to when I first got into adult coloring books, but I still enjoy it in the evenings from time to time.

Embroidery, such as cross stitch, has also been fun to learn. I’ve made a  few projects, mostly for my own enjoyment, and a few for gifts. I probably have more projects waiting to be started than actual desire to do them anymore, though, so I think I’ll pare down that collection.

This might sound like an odd thing to call a creative outlet, but I’d also include playing The Sims. I like to design the people to look like my characters and build their neighborhoods. That’s more fun than playing most of the game activities, really.

Day 17

Okay, so I find it really difficult and annoying when asked to describe myself or my book or other non-food things as food. I don’t really know how this is supposed to work. But I picked a carton of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Some people find one or the other of those flavors boring, but others love them together. It’s a pretty basic flavor combination, but also very popular. Similarly, I think Harold’s story boils down to a simple idea of an every-man looking for love, but at the same time, people really like to see how that story plays out and find it satisfying, just like a bowl of your old favorite ice cream.

A personal note …

If you’ve read my blog regularly, you probably saw this post. My dad passed away on February 13. He’s with the Lord, and I know I will see him again one day. It has been a hard time for our family, of course. I haven’t felt like writing much of anything for awhile. But it’s time to continue developing the habit of blogging regularly and doing other things that I was doing before my dad was sick. Thanks for coming back to read my posts.


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