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10 Things I Hate That You Might Find Odd

Ten Eleven things I hate that you might find odd, in no particular order:

  1. Black olives. Bleh.
  2. Lima beans. See above.
  3. Mismatched books in the same series. Why do publishers change cover designs with one book left in the series? I’m talking to you, Bloomsbury. My final volume of Castle Glower will never match the other ones, and this is NOT RIGHT.
  4. Peanut butter cookies. They taste like burnt peanut butter.
  5. High heels. I find it really stupid to wear shoes that don’t fit the anatomy of a foot and how we are designed to walk. They actually cause physical problems if you wear them a lot. Why bother? We weren’t meant to walk on our toes – I spent a lot of years in physical therapy learning how not to do that when I was a kid with cerebral palsy. (I mean, I still have CP. But I’m not a kid anymore. Obviously.)
  6. Clickbait Headlines – Headlines are supposed to tell you what the story is about, not artificially inflate the drama of an article. I see red whenever I read a headline like “She opened a box. When this was inside, I couldn’t believe it,” and the actual event is “Little girl gets a puppy for her birthday.” I will click on a headline that gives me actual information, internet. You don’t need to fake me out, or claim that I won’t believe #9 on a list of 18 things. Closely related to that is when a teaser for a story implies something really bad happened, and I read it, and it’s actually the opposite.
  7. When lists are on thirty different pages that I could read on one page in much less time. I don’t care that you want more clicks – I will not bother to finish your list when you pad it out with a lame slideshow and stupid commentary.
  8. News videos with no text transcript that I can read instead. I can read a news article much faster than a video can tell me the same piece of news.
  9. Incorrect grammar. We hates it, preciouss!
  10. People who don’t mute commercials on the TV.
  11. People whose main response to any criticism of a TV show, movie, song, or book is to say “If you don’t like it, just don’t watch/read/listen to that thing.” Sorry, it is possible to like something and still have criticisms of the quality of it.

Do any of my pet peeves resonate with you? Growl with me in the comments!

Part Two, Ten Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy, coming next week.


2 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate That You Might Find Odd”

  1. Click bait headlines drive me craazy! Although I sheepishly admit I love incorrect grammar. One time I was in a restaurant. The waitress asked me how I was. I said: “I’s good.!” She didn’t bat an eyelash.


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