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Ten Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy

This time I actually stuck to ten things. Again, in no particular order:

  1. Snacks. Chocolate. Ice cream. Candy. Mmm.
  2. A new puppy. D’aww! Wookit my wittle baby puppy face.20180422_125017
  3. My bed. (Fun story. I bought a new mattress and I hated it. I actually had to go pick one out a second time. Good thing I paid extra for the exchange option.)
  4. Taylor Swift music. Girl just gets me. Diss her and I will fight you. Oh wait, I’m supposed to be happy. *calms down*
  5. A new book by one of my favorite authors.
  6. The X-Files being back on TV again. (Well, they were. Now they might be off again. ) “It’s Sunday night. I am curled up in my room. The TV light fills my heart like a balloon…” (Thanks Bree Sharp. You get me, too. Also, readers, you really really ought to watch this video. )
  7. British television dramas.
  8. Binge-watching the above.
  9. Talking about writing with other writers.
  10. Grammatical correctness. I’m not always perfect, of course, but I try. I enjoy helping others with grammar. But you knew that if you read my Grammar Ninja post.

If you missed my list of things I hate, it’s here.

Do any of these float your little boat as well? Let me know in the comments.



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