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Cover Reveal: Treason’s Crown by Anne Wheeler

The Cover

The second I saw this cover, I was like “Gimme this book right now!” Here, bask in its beauteousness. (I know, I should have said “beauty,” but this deserves a made-up multisyllable word.)


Where do I start? The textures, the fonts, the symbols, the layering. Alea Harper designed this masterpiece, so go, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and her website. I’ll wait.

Alea Harper, Cover Designer’s links

Twitter Instagram Website

About Treason’s Crown:

Of course your next question is, what is this intriguing piece of art introducing me to?

The last thing Riette expects on a snowy winter’s evening is Meirdre’s royal guard appearing on her doorstep. Their purpose? The king needs a bride, and tradition dictates the position is hers to accept. Desperate to secure her parents’ future, she agrees to the marriage and is whisked away to Lochfeld Castle, all too aware her childhood friend is there as well—imprisoned as a rebel in the dungeons below.

Leaving him to hang isn’t an option, even as her nuptials and his execution grow closer. No matter what secrets the castle holds—mysteries she alone can see—or how desperate King Laurent is to marry an unknown peasant girl, the glittering crown in her future is nothing more than a distraction from her new mission: she’ll free Thomas or die trying.

But what happens when succeeding at either means the downfall of Meirdre?

I can’t wait to read this. Want to preorder it with me? The link below will open a new window for you to do so from the store of your choice.

Treason’s Crown

About the Author:

And then your second question, of course, is, who wrote this novel that I will no doubt devour in a few days?

Anne Wheeler grew up with her nose in a book but earned two degrees in aviation before it occurred to her she was allowed to write her own. When not working, moving, or writing her next novel, she can be found planning her next escape to the desert—camera gear included. She currently lives in Georgia with her husband, son, and herd of cats.

You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram, and check out her website for more novels. These links will open in a new tab.
Website Facebook Instagram

I’m so excited for this book to release! I can’t wait to read it.


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