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Cover for upcoming ebook by Sara E. James
Cover for Cupid Calling by Sara E. James

Cupid Calling: A Romantic Comedy Fantasy (Cupid Tales Book 1)

Penelope doesn’t believe in happily ever after. Cupid never seems to hit her or her dates with his magical arrows. All that changes the day a knock at her door reveals a short, chubby-cheeked man wearing a diaper and carrying a bow. Love himself has come calling, and now he won’t leave her alone. How can Penelope live her life when a surly version of a Greek cherub follows her every move?

A short story, available at Amazon. Click here.



Works in Progress

Cupid Tales series

Harold’s Heart 

Cupid’s Christmas – December 2019 projected release


Blood of the Phoenix series

Book 1: Power in the Blood

Book 1.5: Untitled novella

Book 2: Nothing But the Blood (Working Title)

Book 3: The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power (Working Title)


The Dragon’s Emissary series (Working Title)

Book 1: The Dragon Speaker (Working Title)